Building Ecosystems for Social Impact

Hi! I'm M (they/them), an Experience Designer, Business Strategist, and Artist based in the vibrant heart of NYC currently at Verizon. My passion lies at the intersection of AI/ML technology, design justice, and ecosystem building. With a deep commitment to leveraging innovative Web3 technology and human-centered design, I strive to craft digital experiences that are not just inclusive and accessible but also sustainable.

Originally from Austin, TX, my journey began with studies in GIS & Landscape Architecture, fueled by a desire to create eco-conscious public spaces for urban communities. However, the magnetic pull of NYC led me to redirect my focus toward creative design, social justice, and community building.

For me, design is a vessel for empathy—an avenue to understand human needs and desires intimately. I believe that through thoughtful design, we can tangibly improve lives. When I'm not immersed in the world of pixels and prototypes, you'll find me lost in art projects, cycling through the eclectic streets of Brooklyn, or channeling my energy into empowering individuals and communities through the art of organizing.