User Experience Design
Design System
Content Writing
Branding & Art Direction


EcoMap Technologies is a Baltimore-based web3 startup focused on empowering entrepreneurial ecosystems through the power of AI data management


After securing a seed fund of $3.7 M, EcoMap was looking to improve its KPI (conversion rates) and help more communities empower their entrepreneurs and business leaders 


Create an accessible user experience for EcoMap by designing a responsive marketing website and refreshing EcoMap’s brand identity -- ultimately improving KPIs by over 40%.

Research & Discovery

Collaborating closely with EcoMap's product team and primary stakeholders, the first 5 days of the sprint were focused on gathering data and synthesizing our findings.

We wanted to discover the answers to the following key questions in our research:

🤔 How have existing SaaS websites effectively introduced ecosystem-building products to the public?

🔎 What are current market trends and behavioral patterns in this space?

😣 What are the existing pain points when using EcoMap’s website?

We conducted a competitive analysis to identify key design elements among competitors, a heuristic analysis to highlight key areas of improvement, and finally held user testing and interviews to gather qualitative insights on the product.


Brand Refresh

Based on our initial research and discovery, we established a refreshed brand identity for EcoMap's online presence across different platforms from social media to their marketing website to job boards like LinkedIn. We focused on creating an approachable, optimistic, innovative, and community-centered visual identity to further realign the company's mission.


UX Design

After synthesizing our research findings, we were able to identify our key insights which served as the project focus moving forward, making sure that accessibility and establishing a product-market fit were our top priorities.

We first redesigned the IA to carve out space for additional pages that focus on helping future clients understand EcoMap's global impact and how their product enhances ecosystems across a wide range of industries.

User journeys were then mapped out to give us a deeper understanding of how to design an effective and accessible user experience for future clients as they navigate through EcoMap's website.


Design System

Building on the brand refresh, an updated atomic design system was implemented to represent EcoMap's new aesthetic and UI direction.

We did an audit of their site and built a DS that was flexible, scalable, and accessible. The components will also help to increase consistency across the product and improve workflow for their design and development teams.


Content Writing

In order to comprehensively refresh EcoMap's brand identity, I developed, tested, and implemented a new approach to copywriting that was focused on accessibility, storytelling, and education.


Usability Testing

We ran another round of testing with the refreshed website involving 19 participants who were asked to complete 6 tasks. Overall, the results were positive with over 70% of users understanding EcoMap's product and target audience.



Total improvement in comprehension of EcoMap’s company mission


Total improvement in user's understanding of EcoMap's product


Participants completed their tasks and successfully located new pages and the "Book a Demo" button