Janus Inc. DAO (Conceptual)
Mar - Apr 2022


Product Design
Design System
Branding & Art Direction


Janus is a web3 marketplace (d)app that bridges the gap between real and metaverse worlds by introducing an all-in-one platform for asset-backed NFTs. Operating as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), Janus features exclusive content/products, is creator-owned and operated, and is technologically self-sufficient.


As a brand new e-commerce platform for asset-backed NFTs, Janus needs a fully-functional mobile (d)app to help users learn about, browse, and purchase NFTs.


Design and end-to-end MVP and streamlined user experience to successfully onboard users, help users browse NFT collections easily, and guide users through an intuitive checkout flow.



Janus was the Roman God of beginnings, gates, transitions, duality, and passages -- a true representation of transformation and the bridge between worlds. Likewise, Janus, the (d)app is the bridge between the real world and metaverse worlds, fusing together traditional ideas of luxury shopping with the innovative technology of web3 to provide users with a platform for asset-backed NFTs.


Research & Discovery

The first 5 days of the sprint were focused on learning about the NFT industry, gathering data, and synthesizing the research findings.

I wanted to discover the answers to the following key questions in through research:

🤔 How have existing NFT marketplaces effectively introduced NFTs to the public?

🔎 What are current market trends and behavioral patterns in this space?

😣 What are the common pain points when approaching the NFT space?

I implemented a robust learning curriculum to quickly learn about the trajectory of NFTs & web3 technology and uncover an emerging industry need, conducted a competitive analysis to identify key design elements among competitors in both NFT and traditional e-commerce spaces, and finally held user testing and interviews to gather qualitative insights on how laypeople feel about NFTs and existing pain points when approaching the web3 space.


UX Design

After synthesizing the research findings, I was able to identify key insights which served as the backbone of the project moving forward, making sure to prioritize an accessible and resourceful onboarding process, allow for intuitive browsing paths, and a streamlined checkout flow.

I first designed the IA to accommodate the 5 main categories of Janus' asset-backed products, establish an in-app educational and resource database, and allow for a flexible but comprehensive user profile.

User personas and journeys were then mapped out to provide a deeper understanding of how to design an effective, accessible, and intuitive user experience for Janus' target audience.


Sketches were developed into lo-,mid-, and hi-fi wireframes that were compatible with Material UI

Design System

By developing an atomic design system to spearhead Janus' brand identity, I was able to implement a consistent and sophisticated UI throughout the entire (d)app and establish a sleek, futuristic, and innovative aesthetic.


Usability Testing

I ran a usability test for the V1 prototype that was developed as a result of the first round of designs involving 15 participants who were asked to complete 7 tasks. Overall, the results showed that my designs successfully accomplished my goals to create an accessible onboarding flow, allow users to browse collections easily, and guide users through a painless checkout flow.


Success in finding educational and onboarding resources within 1-click


Success in locating AR product displays and additional XR product details


Participants completed their tasks and successfully completed the checkout flow from account creation to item purchase